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About Anantapur

Anantapur is the main city of Anantapur District in Rayalaseema region, Andhra Pradesh. The city has undebatable cultural and political roots since centuries.
It is very close to Bangalore (208 Km rail route), and the impact of high quality urban life is quite evident in the numerous posh localities in the city. The education sector is superior in this region, and a whopping 90% literacy rate signifies the conditions.

Anantapur district has a semi-arid climate, with the temperatures as high as 42 °C. Since the rainfall is low than required, the agricultural sector faces several issues every year.

Anantapur is connected to all parts of Andhra Pradesh by road and rail routes. Airline commute is also available at scheduled timings in Puttaparthi, which is in close vicinity to Anantapur. However, international travels are possible via Bangalore airport, since it is in a close distance to the city (208 Kms via Rail and 225Kms by road).

The district is a rich source of minerals, and hence there are a wide variety of companies, established in the city. These industries deal with the extraction of the metals and minerals, and export them to other countries as raw materials. Since these natural resources are very costly, the turnover of this niche is billions of rupees.
Due to the challenging conditions for agriculture, this sector faces tough situations in the region. And it makes many farmers to study their children, and provide the required assistance to make them employed. Thus the education sector is quite hopeful in the city. There are many educational institutions, engineering colleges, etc. which provide high quality education to the people over there.
The young and middle aged citizens are usually employed in the renowned companies throughout the country, particularly in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Since Bangalore is very close to the city and it is the capital of IT industry in India, the majority of educated persons in Anantapur settle as IT professionals in the metro city. A considerable number of professionals are also working in Hyderabad.
Another lucrative economy source in the region is small scale industry. There are many firms, which provide employment to a good number of people, and have decent turnovers.

Since employment is the one of the main economy source of the region, special emphasis is put on the technical education and streams, which are good for securing a large number of jobs. Hence, many students of Anantapur pursue Engineering to settle in their careers.
Anantapur is the right place to get high quality technical education, and hence many people from other regions are plying to this city for joining the reputable engineering colleges.