Central Computer Centre

Central Computer Centre

          Central Computer Centre ( CCC )  of JNTUACEA was established during the year 2005-2006, along with Campus Wide Network with TEQIP Phase- I grants under Computer Science & Engineering Department with an objective to provide services to the Students & Staff.  In the CCC there are 3 labs which consists 160 systems (i.e.: I year B. Tech IT workshop & Internet Lab has 70 systems in II floor, English Communication skills Lab has 60 systems in II floor, M. Tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab in the I Floor of CCC has 32 systems.

             The Central Computer Centre, is open from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM. The Second Floor is being used for 1st B. Tech C & Data Structures / IT Work shop, providing Internet facility to the students of all branches. The Placements online exams for all the UG/PG students of this college and pool drives are being conducted here.

Computer Centre has over the years served as a hub for IT and Networking related services in the campus. Computer Centre supports the campus wide one Gbps (under NMEICT) / 4 Mbps fibre optic network that connects all the Academic Departments / Department laboratories, library provided computing facilities through the LAN connectivity for 24×7 with a high speed and uninterrupted connectivity. We have transformed Campus into a Wi-Fi enabled.


The configurations of the systems:

  1. IBM 120 Systems                512 MB RAM      HDD:80GB
  2. DELL 12 Systems                  1 GB RAM           HDD:160GB
  3. Wipro 32 Systems                  2 GB RAM           HDD- 80GB

Networking Components under Campus Wide Network:

1. Jenifer Router for 1 Gbps and Cisco 2811 router for 4 Mbps internet connectivity

2. Forti GATE 800 C Firewall

3. Cisco 6905 E Core switch

4. CISCO Catalyst 3560 G Series Edge Switches Type-1: (At Departments)

5. CISCO Catalyst 2960 G Series Edge Switches Type-2 (At Departments)

6. Ruckus Wireless Zone Director 3000 Series (Wi-fi Controller)

7. Indoor Access Points : ZF 7372  – 28 Nos.  and ZF 7982 – 10 Nos.

8. Outdoor Access Points: ZF 7762  – 10 Nos.