Physical Education

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Department of Physical Education

J.N.T.U.A.College of Engineering, Ananthapuramu

         The Department of Physical Education is organizing all Sports & Games and also encouraging mass participation in the campus. Every year around 25 to 30 players representing South Zone and All India Inter University Tournaments from this institution.

            The Department headed by Mr.B.Joji Reddy, Asst. Professor in Physical Education & Secretary Sports Council.  Along with him two qualified staff are appointed (One Male & One Female) in the Department Physical Education on outsourcing basis.

              joji reddy B. Joji Reddy, Asst. Professor

              Secretary Sports Council,


             Office Phone: 08554 – 272784

Mobile:07382720320, 09959030144.


Facilities existing:

1. 400mts running tack is available which using for multipurpose

(Foot Ball, Hockey, Hand Ball and Cricket)

  1. One Basket Ball cement court is available
  2. Five open Shuttle courts are available in the campus
  3. One Kho – Kho court One Kabaddi court, Two Volley Ball Courts, Two Table Tennis Boards are available in the campus
  1. One Throw Ball court and One Tennicoit courts existing in the campus
  1. One full pledged Gymnasium with all equipment is available