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 Central Library

Introduction of the Library

The Central Library supports the teaching and research programmers of the Institute and provides facilities for general reading and disseminates information according to the requirement of the users. It is housed in a separate building with a carpet area of 1006.32 Sq.ms, reading space 504.68 sq. ms.. It has around 85790 including, books, back volumes of technical national and international journals, technical pamphlets, standards, CD-ROMs, Video cassettes etc.  The database of entire library acquisitions was created using Library Application Software Called   KOHA   software.

The College   Central Library caters to the needs of the user community i.e., UG and PG students, Research scholars, staff and faculty of the Jawaharlal Nehru technological University college of Engineering (Autonomous), Ananthapuramu. The College Central Library was fully automated with bar coding of the books from the year 2011   KOHA   Library Software package. The main features of the KOHA   Software are OPAC, Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial Control etc.

Building: 1006.32 sq m plinth areas extended in 2 floors.

Ground  floor: Thesis, Xerox room ,Staff room, Circulation counter ,Digital Library ,News paper  reading room , Magazine section.

First follr : Journal section, Ready reference section Back volume of Journals, Staff room, UPS room

Working Hours:

The library is kept open throughout the year except for six days  i.e., three national holidays and three festival holidays.

It is kept open from

          Monday –Thursday : 8.30 A.M. To  8.30 P.M

         Friday –Weekly Holiday

         Saturday & Sunday : 8.30 .A.M To 4.00.P.M.

Different Sections of the library:

Circulation section

Acquisition section

Processing section(Classification section& Cataloguing)

Periodical section

Digital  library section

Internet cell

Reference section

Dissertations & Back volumes section

Stacks etc.

Services of the central library are:

Charging and Discharging of books and non book material

Reference service

Inter Library Loan (ILL)


E-access of  e-resources

Reprographic service  and

Referral service to the users.

Wi-Fi network Facility


        Total volumes :                                85790

Total titles:                                       22704

No. of Reference books :               15211

Donated Books :                             1269

Journals, Magazines& News papers

Journals,Magazines& News papers
1 Printed journals –National &International Back volumes 62
2 Back volumes of Journals 358
3 Magazines 25
4 E- Journals 3389
5 News papers 10







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