Examinations Dept

Name Dr. E. Keshava Reddy
Designation :
Professor of Mathematics & Vice Principal
Phone 08554-272083,+91-9000551426
Email viceprincipal.cea@jntua.ac.in
Keshava Reddy Image


Name : Dr. B. Dilip Kumar
Designation Asst. Professor in Chemical Engg.

Dy. Controller of Examinations

Phone 08554-272189
Email oas1.cea@jntua.ac.in
B. Dilip Kumar


Name Dr. A. Saila Kumari
 Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mathematics
Phone 08554-272189
Email oas2.cea@jntua.ac.in


Name Dr. K. Kalyani Radha
Designation Asst. Professor in ME

Dy. Controller of Examinations

Phone 08554-272189
Email oas3.cea@jntua.ac.in
Dr K Kalyani Radha

Academic Section takes care of the Paper setting and valuation of answer scripts pertaining to all external examinations of the autonomous college. It also takes care of all other academic activities of the college.


Details of Board of Studies Chair  Persons


S.No Name of the BOS Chairpersons Board
1 Dr. E. Arunakanthi

Associate Professor & Head, Department of Civil Engineering, JNTUACEA

Civil Engineering
2 Dr. R. Kiranmayi 

Assoc. Professor & HeadDepartment of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, JNTUACEA

Electrical & Electronics Engineering
3 Dr. B. Chandra Mohana Reddy

Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering, JNTUACEA

Mechanincal Engineering
4 Prof. P. Ramana Reddy

Professor & Head, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering,JNTUACEA

Electronics & Communication Engineering
5 Prof. A. Sureshbabu

Professor & Head Department of Computer Science & Engineering,  JNTUACEA

Computer Science & Engineering
6 Lt. S. Sharada
Asst. Professor & Head i/c, Department of Chemical Engineering, JNTUACEA.
Chemical Engineering
7 Prof. R. Bhuvana Vijaya

Professor & HeadDepartment of Mathematics,  JNTUACEA

8 Prof. R. Padma Suvarna

Professor & HeadDepartment of  Physics,  JNTUACEA

9 Prof. R. Padma Suvarna

Professor & HeadDepartment of  Chemistry,  JNTUACEA

10 Dr. V. B. Chitra

Asst. Professor & Head i/cDepartment of  Humanities,  JNTUACEA