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Circular : Employees Health Scheme


AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Sponsored One-Week Online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on "LEADERSHIP SKILLS AND EXCELLENCE" during 01-05 February 2021

AICTE Sponsored Two-Week FDP on "Opportunities in AI and Enabling Technologies for (IoT)" from 12-23 October, 2020

5-Day Online National level Faculty Development program for "Educators of Environmental studies" Sponsored by TEQIP-III During 21st to 25th September 2020

5-Day Online Training Program on “ASIC Front End Design & Verification” Sponsored by TEQIP-III During 21st to 25th September 2020

One Day Webinar on "National Educational Policy 2020" Sponsored by TEQIP-III on 19th September 2020

Circular for B.Tech Students


TEQIP-III Sponsored Three Day Online FDP on "Intellectual Property Rights: An Overview" during 9th- 11th September 2020 Organized by Dept. Of ECE, JNTUACEA Anantapur.

option form for open elective

ATAL Sponsored FDP on "Blockchain" is scheduled from 08-12 September 2020

AICTE Sponsored STTP (Phase - II) is scheduled from 03-08 August 2020

II-B.Tech I-Sem (R17) results Notice

supplementary results Notice

As per the instructions from Honorable Vice Chancellor, JNTUA "AICTE Sponsered STTP" is Postponed due to COVID-19. The updated schedule will be notified later

Revised list of students Awarding of Gold Medals in XIth Convocation-2019

TEQIP-III Sponsored Three-Day National Workshop on "Research and Publication Ethics" during 20-22 February 2020 at JNTUACEA, Anantapur

Registration Form for Three-Day National Workshop on "Research and Publication Ethics" during 20-22 February 2020 at JNTUACEA, Anantapur

TEQIP- III sponsored Workshop On “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY” for PG Students of JNTUA from 03-02-2020 to 07-02-2020

I MTech-II Sem-2018Ad. Batch-Result Anouncement

AICTE Two-Week Faculty Development Program on “Mathematical Modeling and Simulation for Scientists & Engineers” from 24-02-2020 to 07-03-2020

Revised Advertisement for the Position of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) date extended up to 30-01-202

Brochure of Short-Term Training program for PG students of JNTUA on “SOFT SKILLS DEVELOPMENT” from 23rd -30th ,2019

Brochure of Digital Pedagogy for Effective Teaching and Learning on 23rd-24th November 2019

TEQIP-III sponsored Three-Day National Workshop On “PEDAGOGICAL SKILLS FOR FACULTY IN OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION” 6-8 December 2019 - Reg

Registration Form for OUTCOME-BASED EDUCATION - Reg

Anti Ragging Committee 2019-2020

Cognizant Scholarship Notice for 2018 Admitted Students - Reg

Cognizant Scholarship Application for 2018 Admitted Students - Reg

Cognizant Scholarship Circular for 2018 Admitted Students - Reg

AICTE sponsored National Level Five-Day Faculty Development Program on "Cyber Security" on 16-20 December, 2019 by Dept. of CSE, JNTUACEA

JNTUA - AICTE - Awareness about Pragati and Saksham Schoalrship Schemes - Reg

I M.Tech-I Semester Particulars of Fees etc to be paid at the College


Practical Class work for II MCA-I Sem and III MCA-I sem

Instructions to M.Tech Students_End semester Exams_Jan-Feb 2021

circular about III B.Tech I Sem laboratory classes

Postponement of Mid and End Semester Examinations scheduled on 16-01-2021

II B.Tech. II-Sem. (R17) II Mid Examinations January 2021 Time Table

II B.Tech. II-Sem. (R17) End Exams. January 2021 Time Table

II B.Tech. II-Sem. (R17) Regular/Supplementary Exams. January 2021 Examination Notification

I M.Tech-I Semester (R15) Supplementary end semester examinations Time Table-Feb 2020.

I M.Tech-II Semester (R15) Regular/Supplementary end semester examinations Time Table-Jan-Feb 2020

I M.Tech-II Semester (R15) I & II Mid semester examinations Time Table-Jan 2020.

BTech 181A & 195A Batches Mess Dues Circular

M.Tech 19 Batch Mess Dues Circular

M.Tech 19 Batch Mess Dues Circular

Revised IV B.Tech I-Semester R(17) I-MID Examinations December-2020

RESULTS of III & IV B.Tech-II Sem (R15) Regular/Supple Examinations NOv/Dec-2020

II B.Tech. II-Sem. Laboratory Course Work, II-Mid and End Examinations, December 2020 & January 2021

I MCA-I Sem(R15)-Supply Exams Time Table-October- 2020

II MCA-I Sem(R15)-Supply Exams Time Table- October- 2020

III MCA- I Sem(R15)-Supply Exams Time Table- October- 2020

I, II ,III &IV B.Tech- I Semester supplementary examination notification-october2020

IV-B.Tech-II-Sem(R15) Regular & Supple Examinations-September-2020

I, II, III MCA-I Sem-Supplementary Examination Notification-October 2020

Circular-I MTech-I Sem Regular-Supplementary Examinations Announcement-Feb-March 2020

Results-I MTech-I Sem Regular-Supplementary Examinations-Feb-March 2020

Results-I MTech-II Sem Supplementary Examinations-Feb-March 2020

Preponed-IV B.Tech-II-Sem(R15) Regular & Supple Examinations-September-2020.pdf

IV B.Tech-II Sem(R15) Regular & Supple Examinations-September-2020

B.Tech Examination Notification

IV B.Tech-II Sem(R15) II Mid Examinations September-2020

I B.Tech. I-Sem. (R19) Jan. 2020 Results notice<

I MTech-I Sem Regular-Supplementary Examinations-Time Table-Feb-March 2020

I MTech-II Sem Supplementary Examinations-Time Table-Feb-March 2020

M.Tech-Examination Notification-Feb 2020

IV B.TECH II-SEM Mid Time table

I MCA-I Sem- II Mid Exam Time Table-Jan 2020

I MCA-I Sem- RegularSupplementary End Exam Time Table-Jan 2020

I MCA-II Sem- Supplementary End Exam Time Table-Jan 2020

I MCA-I Sem- RegularSupplementary & II Sem Supplementary Exam Notification-Jan 2020

Open Elective Option form for B.Tech III-II sem students

list of students selected for Prof.P.N. Damodaram Memorial Endowment Scholarship

I-B.Tech-I Sem(R19) Regular Examination Notification

Circular: Class Work for III &IV BTech-II Sem will commence from 19-12-2019

Revised_MCA-II Year-ISem-RegularExams-Dec2019

Revised_MCA-II Year-II Sem-SupplyExams-Dec2019

MCA-II Year-IISem-Supplementary Examinations-Dec 2019

MCA-II Year-ISem-Regular-Supplementary Examinations-Dec 2019

MCA-III Year-ISem-Regular-Supplementary Examinations-Dec 2019

III B.TECH I-SEM (R17) Regular examinations –NOV/DEC-2019

IV B.TECH I-SEM (R15) Regular and supple examinations –NOV/DEC-2019

MCA-III & V Sem Regular/Supple and IV Sem Supple Exam Notification Dec 2019

B_Tech Examination Notification 2019

Enrollment of B.Tech 1styr & 2ndyr Students for the enrollment into Army Wing is scheduled on 23rdSep, 2019 at Department of Chemical Engg, JNTUACEA from 4.30 PM. * Interestd students should come along with the filled enrollment form

Revised III B.Tech I sem - R17 - I Mid Examinations - September 2019 - Timetable

Revised IV B.Tech I sem - R15 - I Mid Examinations - September 2019 - Timetable

Results Announcement of III B.Tech - I Sem (R15) - Supplementary Examinations - July -2019 - Circular

I B.Tech Class work commences from 19-08-2019 - Circular

I M.Tech II Sem Regular - Aug/Sept 2019 Examinations - Condonation - Pay on or before 20/08/2019 - Submit Challan form - Circular

I M.Tech I sem R15 Supple Examinations - Aug/Sept -2019 - Timetable

I M.Tech II sem R15 Regular/Supple Examinations - Aug/Sept -2019 - Timetable

Results Announcement of IV B.Tech - II Sem (R15) - Advance Supple, IV B.Tech - I Sem (R15) - Supple Examinations - July -2019 - Circular

M.Tech - II Sem (R15) - Regular & Supple; M.Tech - I Sem (R15) - Supple Examinations - August/September -2019 - Circular

JNTUA CEA_Ragging-Prohibition,Prevention,Punishment

JNTUA College of Engineering, Anantapur-Placement Brochure

Welcome to Jntuacea

JNTUA College of Engineering, Ananthapuramu stands aloft on a solid foundation of past glory and prestige. This college was started in the year 1946, under the post war reconstruction program and functioned at Guindy campus, Madras for two years and was shifted to Anantapur in 1948. It was in the year 1958 that the college was shifted to the present permanent buildings accommodating the Administrative block, Laboratories, the Engineering Departments, Library and the Hostel blocks. During the first 25 years of its existence, it was affiliated to the Madras and S V University and produced distinguished alumni, who are holding high positions, in India and abroad. It has great tradition to be proud of. Fortified with traditional values and dedicated spirit of the staff and the students, it would rise up to any occasion or meet any challenge confidently...

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Committed to expanding the horizon and inspiring young minds towards academic excellence.

Aims at scaling new heights through advanced research and innovative techniques to keep pace with the ever changing needs of industry and society at large.


To identify and implement proven, prevention-oriented, forward-looking solutions to critical scientific and technological problems.

To make technology a principal instrument of economic development of the country and to improve the quality of life of the people through technological education, innovation, research, training and consultancy


JNTUA College of Engineering, Anantapur is renowned for the outstanding holistic education that we provide. As a College we have a strong focus on student academic progress and achievement and continuation to University is the chosen route for the significant majority. Read More...


Technical Education is the backbone of every nation and is the stepping stone for a country to move into the niche of a developed nation.JNTUA College of Engineering Anantapur (JNTUACEA) was established in 1946. under Guindy College of Engineering. Read More...

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